The program

How to start

There are several ways to start Java applications on different operating systems. Here is one which should work on all platforms. You should have installed a JDK of course. "Nicand's Dame" should run with all versions of Java (1.0 to 1.1.3). In order to start "Nicand's Dame", go into the directory in which you can find "Dame.class" and invoke the command "java Dame". With OS/2 Warp it looks like this:

Menu: Spiel (Game)

Menu: Darstellung (Display)

This menu changes the display during a match.




Pixel, klein

Pixel, mittel

Pixel, groß

How to start a new game.

This is the dialog to create a new game. You can specify of which type white and black players are (Mensch = human ; Computer= computer). The level selects the level of the computer player.

The other two listboxes define general properties of the match. Grafiktyp (=type of graphics) has the same options as the menu "display" (Darstellung). Spielart (=type of game) offers two different game types as follows:



The rules

Aim of the game

The aim is to capture all of the opponent's pawns or to get him into a situation such as he cannot make a valid move anymore.

How to move

How to capture

Obligation to capture

To change a pawn into a "Dame"

Qualities of special pawns (Dame)

A Dame under obligation to capture

The authors

Our motivations to write "Nicand's Dame"

There were several motivations to do "Nicand's Dame".

Who did what?

The tasks were split as follows:

Nico: Implementation of the computer player (AI) and the rules

Andreas: userinterface and graphics


Katherine McLaughlin. She translated our German documentation into English and tested the program ('Buuh, he wins always !') ;-)


This program is mailware. Just like cardware it means that you're asked to send an e-mail to both authors if you wish to use our program for a longer period.


We hope you will have much fun playing our game. Comments, bug reports, suggestions and approvals are appreciated.